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Yoshino Koharu (木春 由乃, 技術刃, Koharu Yoshino) is the main heroine. She grew up in a rural area in Japan and went to college in Tokyo in hopes of landing a job in the city, but after failing to land a job, she gets an offer to work for the tourism department of Manoyama village.


At a young age, Yoshino had visited the Chupakabura Kingdom and became its 100,000th visitor. The milestone was celebrated by allowing her to don the cape and crown usually worn by the queen and having her photograph taken with the Manoyama community.

Currently, Yoshino is a fresh graduate who is interested in making it big in the bustling city of Tokyo, but is yet to get a break.


In Tokyo, Yoshino continued to struggle in her life as a graduating student who was losing her chances in getting a job. As she slowly spent her last monthly allowance, Yoshino received a call from a previous contact that offered her a tourism-related occupation. To her shock, it would involve living in the countryside and acting as the queen of a micronation called the Chupakabura Kingdom. Although she refused to accept a job in a rural town, she began finding connections in Manoyama as she discovered her past as one of the visitors of the kingdom in its prime, as well as the support from Shiori Shinomiya, a fellow tourism worker. Regardless, she remained attentive of any chances to return to Tokyo.

After becoming the queen of the Chupakabura Kingdom, she began working under Ushimatsu, doing tasks like selling thousands of manju buns and helping promote the town through a regional mascot competition. Although she still knew nothing about the town and its inhabitants, Yoshino was supported by Shiori, as well as three other girls she met during her work in Manoyama: Maki Midorikawa, who was seeking independence after doing many part-time jobs, Sanae Kouzuki, a Web programmer who had gone tired of the bustle in the metropolis, and Ririko Oribe, a recluse who was lured in by her interest in cryptids. Despite her lackluster results in her first duties as queen, Yoshino decided to hold on to the crown while bringing her four new friends to help her improve Manoyama as its monarch.


  • The name Yoshino means "reason, case, cause" (由) (yoshi) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Yoshino's surname Koharu means "tree, wood" (木) (ko) and "spring" (春) (haru).